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A1hh.com Official A1HIPHOP Tumblr

This is the fun play site ,the new look is ready for A1HIPHOP! THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT! From Houston to NY to L.A. back to the MIAMI. From media music work to interviews. #A1SHIT! Follow the crew @_DrePrice @A1HH @QueenSaJoMusic @A1HIPHOP @3R_DEE @JeTawnFrancine Emails @ dabonuss@gmail.com and other for a1hiphopmusic@gmail.com & for art and etc. starburstbooking@gmail.com

Outkast - The Whole World ft. Killer Mike


 Sølve Sundsbø


 Sølve Sundsbø

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The New Site New Look Screen Shots A1HipHop New Look! ENJOY! THIS IS THE LEFTOVER PLAY SITE! 



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The New Look Is Ready! For A1HH.COM A1HIPHOP!


yes in my batmobile 

yes in my batmobile 

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Yelawolf covers Complex Mag online (Video)

With Eminem signing him to Shady Records debut Radioactive. With being from Alabama he is letting his flow be heard and making noise 

New site launching tomorrow at 10 am. 

Lil Keke – Nuthin But A Gangsta (prod. by DJ B-Do)


Lil Keke - Nuthin But A Gangsta [Produced By DJ B-Do] by A1MEDIA

KeKe The Don.. Well Don Ke! 713 The moutherfucking solution. Remember the days in 97 when we all was doing the “Southside’ Yeaaa! ha!  

Kendrick Lamar Interview w/2dopeboyz (Part 1) (Video)

While out in Miami, we sat down with Kendrick Lamar for a (2)Dope Interview. Passing along questions from the dopeboyz/girlz that frequent the site. In part 1 Kendrick speaks on the BET Cypher, if there was any pressure while recording Section.80, how he stays humble and retains his beliefs while being in the spotlight and how touring has affected his relationships with his close friends and family.

Video: Drake Interview W/ Angie Martinez

Before the rumors of him firing Jaz Prince he speaks on his album “Take Care”, and the female drama. 

Young Jeezy ft. T.I. - F.A.M.E. (Video)

When the smoke clears. Fast drop huh. Well we can see since DEFJAM has pushed back Rick Ross album they are going all the way in with the snowman. December 20th… You better believe it. Against all odds, is this what you want? (Chris Tucker’s Voice)

Young Jezzy .38 Short Film

This is beginning to look a little Bellish ha! Snowman …tell them that DEFJAM is not moving your date December 20th ha! Enjoy

Russell Simmons speaking With Jack Thiller About Occupy Wallstreet (Video)


Busts Rhymes Signs With Cash Money (Video)

Why I say? Sorry for some of the slow post been getting the site 100% But as a Legend of himself you would think he would be at a better position at this time. Just wonder if he got a 360 deal lol

Duran - “Spread My Wings” ft. Marian Mereba

Spread My Wings ft. Marian Mereba (Prod by Melo) by A1MEDIA

Is is a song about dropping all inhabitions to chase your dream. Dreams have no bearing on race, religion or gender. Duran teams up with “Ethiopian Songstress” Marian Mereba to tell this story from a male and female perspective. 

Who is Duran?

     “I don’t see celebrities or people in Hollywood as stars. It’s about seeing the star in myself and everyone that listens to me. Those seemingly unattainable things that are attained everyday, those are stars.”- Duran

      With an early start in Waldorf, Maryland and the likes of DMX and Nas to motivate him, Duran has proven to be a poet, emcee and lyricist whose storytelling rhymes transcend his listeners to a world with no limits, only dreams.
      In the beginning, this curious child of the east coast was just exploring Hip-Hop and organically learning about rhyme flow, skill and pattern.  At 12 while most of his peers were chasing skirts, Duran was on the school bus bumping tracks like ODB’s “Baby I Like It Raw”, a move while brash, he attributes to two very important people.

“My stepbrother was 4 years older than me, he used to freestyle. My aunt was a teacher and she used to give me words to spell. I fell in love with words, I was amazed to find their meaning and see how they could be broken apart. They both ingrained the knowledge of words to me.”

Over the years he’s taken that knowledge to new heights, releasing a collection of thought provoking projects and opening for the likes of Big Sean.  While in other subjects his attention span has dwindled, rap has continued to be his one and only true love, the one thing he’s never given up.

“I can’t stop. When I was a kid I quit everything. I quit football, baseball, ROTC, wrestling; I quit that after two weeks. I can’t stop writing music. It’s stuck with me since I was six years old, I can’t help it.”

Now based in Atlanta, Duran’s kept a low profile but a high energy, dedicating hours to the studio and perfecting his knack for melodies and concept rap.  A self-described dreamer, his ongoing motto remains the same; “I see stars”, a euphemism for the endless pursuit of a dream.

“I see stars is a double meaning. For me I believe that when you see stars, you see your dream. That dream and the things that you want to do hold your purpose. The more you pursue your dreams, the closer you get to what you were made to do.  Dreams are very elusive and they seem very far away. What makes you different than the five million people who want that exact same thing? Your dream, your star; see your star.”

With no signs of slowing down, Duran plans to keep listener’s ears open and his eyes to the sky, each day bringing him closer to his star, his dream.